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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baking with Sticky Fingers!

So I walked into work on Thursday, and was greeted with an amazing surprise!
My scheduled 3-hour meeting that morning was not actually a meeting, but rather I was going to the dry-run of the LivingSocial Sticky Fingers Bakery Baking Class!!!!!
Yeeeeeee! I was so excited!
Doron Petersan (founder, owner, and baker of Sticky Fingers) was the one teaching the class!
Everything they make is vegan and DELICIOUS! We were making two things: Brown Sugar Cupcakes with spiced rum frosting and Smore's Brownies.
I wasn't taking pictures during the class, but after I got home, I decided to take a few! Most of the treats were gone because I had brought them back to the office with me for the rest of the workday, but you can at least see what we made!

These (above) are the smore's brownies!!! They were absolutely amazing!

And this is the lone cupcake! All the others were gobbled up!
Did I mention Sticky Fingers/Doron has won Cupcake Wars twice?! Pretty sweet!!

The BEST surprise. ever.

Thank you Caitlyn & Sara!!! :)

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