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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

peanut butter chuck and oatmeal caramel

So I really wanted to bake for Pi Phi chapter and i wanted to make something tasty. I used Halloween candy in both of these. I made peanut butter cookies with crushed up chocolate-peanut butter "eyeballs" in them, and oatmeal cookies with chocolate-caramel "eyeballs" in them. both came out SO yummy!

wine and silver blue!

Big Little week and I'm getting another little--wahoo!! I wanted to make something really cool and unique, so I decided on the red velvet cupcakes I already know how to make, with really good cream cheese frosting, that I made the color of "silver blue". = wine & silver blue cupcakes = pi phi colors. win.

Carrot Cake bars!

I dont remember what I made these for, but I know everyone loved them and I did too! moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

peanut butter fudgey irresistible obviously homemade brownies

no words necessary. Just look.

move in!

Move in Day! I made my residents chocolate chip cookies!


So my House Staff Group was/is the red team. So what do I make for our first meeting? Red Velvet cupcakes of course!! these were DELICIOUS my first time making red velvet :)

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Made these for a Pi Phi work-day in Virginia. We met in the morning soo I brought muffins.


I looove blondies! They taste like cookie dough, but they're not raw. It's perfect. Brought these in to Founding Farmers. they were gone really fast!

Soo when I make cookies I usually freeze some of each batch, so that whenever I have somewhere to go, I can take the cookies out of the freezer and not arrive empty handed. So I had accumulated a few kinds, and decide it was time to bring them out. this was the first time I had made snickerdoodles in awhile, but they turned out soft and yummy- tasted kind of like fried dough (because of the cinnamon and sugar). Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE variety, so I thought this was a good idea.

A little more 4th of July

So I really wanted to make a festive 4th of July cookie...What I came up with was my favorite oatmeal cookie base, and I mixed in almond joy pieces (blue, white, and brown), and also red m+ms haha. Came out pretty good I think :)

4th of July Cupcakes!

Happy 4th of July!
Ok so I'm obviously posting these WAY later than the 4th of July, but that is what I made them for! I brought them in to Founding Farmers for my co-workers to enjoy-- big hit! :) They are chocolate cupcakes with red-white-and-blue vanilla buttercream frosting. yum.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Katya's 21st!!!

LOVE Birthdays!!! A GREAT reason to make a cake! :)
This is my go-to chocolate cake recipe. It's the first time I decorated with vanilla frosting. And this frosting tasted great! I saved the extra to eat with...well, whatever will be good with frosting? My cake writing skills need some work, but the cake itself = YUMMMMMYYYYYY! and Oreos make everything better :)

Cake + frosting (before I spread it)

Spread the SCRUMPTIOUS chocolate oreo frosting. Yes, I included crushed up oreos in this frosting recipe!
Happy Birthday!

Way better than store-bought :)