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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time for something healthy: fat-free whole wheat and bran muffins

So I bought a box of bran flakes once, because I thought "hey these are healthy, I'll eat them for breakfast." Well, there was always something else that I wanted for breakfast, so the bran flakes never got opened. So I was trying to think: what could I do with them? OF COURSE! baked with them! googled some recipes and found the one that makes these! SO amazing! Don't be turned off by their healthy-ness: they are absolutely delicious and you would have absolutely NO idea that they are good for you! very moist!

The perfect, quick, healthy grab-n-go breakfast!

I made these for the first time during finals week. I lived with a bunch of girls in my sorority. For the week of finals, I had a different baked goodie outside my room every day! I did cookies and sweets like that of course, but since it was finals, I wanted to have something healthy too! And it's so important to eat breakfast, especially before a big exam!! So, these were PERFECT!

The first time I made them as...

Apple Cinnamon Fat-Free, Whole Wheat and Bran Muffins:

I made them with blueberries a few days later! see the next post for those! :)

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