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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Apple Pie!

Alright, I am definitely going out of order in my posts here, but I couldn't leave this out!
This is the apple pie I made for Thanksgiving this year at my family's Thanksgiving dinner. It has no filler (like tapioca or anything like that), which makes for a fresh, appley pie in a flaky homemade crust.

Make it every Fall, at least for Thanksgiving! I can made it anytime though!

I also made it this year for the RHA "Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting!" :)


  1. This looks like the one I make! I definitely agree it's way better without all the fillers. Except for the one I make, we use this special apple cutter that cuts it like an accordion spiral so the apples are really thinly sliced, but I bet you could probably do the same thing if you cut out the core and then used a knife and sliced the pieces really thin.

  2. Yummmm! This one is my favorite dessert so far. Keep up the great work!!!!!!