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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oat-banana-chocolate protein super healthy "cookies"!

Yes yes, they are. I had some bananas that were perrrfect for baking, and I wanted to use them to make something healthy...a healthy snack!
So check these out, I might even eat them for a quick breakfast on-the-go!

What makes them healthy you ask? Here are the ingredients:
unsweetened applesauce (just a little)
Old Fashioned Oats
dried figs, cut up
2 scoops chocolate protein powder (no added sugar)

That's it!

The oats for a slow-digesting carb, high in fiber from the figs and oats, protein from the protein powder, a little healthy fat from the protein powder and the oats, and the taste of chocolate!

They were an experiment, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but they actually taste pretty good!! The touch of sweetness from the bananas melds really well with the oats and protein powder! And they're chocolate!!

I wouldn't really call them a cookie, but that's what they look like...I think I'll try them with peanut or almond butter spread on top too :)

Healthy "treat" = success!
I'd love to know what healthy recipes/treats other people make! I love experimenting!

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