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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate oreo cake

This cake should look kind of familiar. I've posted about it a few times, but I will never make any other chocolate cake. The first picture was when I made the chocolate cake and frosted it with cookies 'n' cream frosting (vanilla frosting with oreos mixed in) and topped with more oreos, some of which are in the shape of an A (for my friend Andria's birthday).

Then other people who had seen the cake but didn't get to eat it wanted some, so I decided to make another one the next weekend just for fun (and let's get real, I wanted more of it too) SO, the same chocolate cake recipe, but I frosted it with half chocolate cookies 'n' cream frosting, and half of the frosting I made for Andria's cake, the regular cookies 'n' cream.

amazing. best cake ever. (but you must like chocolate in order to enjoy the full experience ;))

1 comment:

  1. this. is. heavenly. make it again soon? haha